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In 2007, we were the first-mover in the European app market.

We develop „Rocking Apps“ that are not only an end in itself, but rather make really sense.

AachenMünchener Service, appsolutely insured.

This app provides insurants access to a wide range of offers: from damage reports via roadside assistance and a parking-lot finder to a direct connection to the service centre. And all of this for your iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones and BlackBerry.

BILD.de Badges, fan-tastic app.

The BILD Badges Facebook App enables users to simply show their love for a certain sportsperson, their favourite team or any celebrity that gets their hearts beating. Just 2 clicks are all you need to make the badge appear on your profile picture on Facebook – thanks to BILD.

E.ON, diagnosis: appsolutely useful.

E.ON Climate and Renewables offer their technicians a mobile diagnosis-tool with the help of this app. It enables remote real-time monitoring of the global manufacturing of renewable energy – and helps the enterprise to keep the costs low.

Vodafone Update, always app to date.

One of the first social media aggregators for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. The app connects status updates of your friends in major social networks like Facebook or Twitter. It also offers you the opportunity to share your status – from one single app across all channels.

Abschiedsgruß, a special message.

Say goodbye now with a farewell greeting directly on the Big Screen in the departure hall. Select message and a background, attach a photo and then send your greetings to the Big Screen with the chance to win a dream holiday week for two in the Maldives..

Koffer packen, romp home.

Pack your suitcase now with Robinson and if you are lucky you could win a dream holiday to the Robinson Club in Agadir. You will also need the help of your friends who will help you choose the items to put into your suitcase.

Stuffle, the mobile yard sale.

Stuffle makes it easy to get rid of old stuff and is a fun way to discover great stuff nearby. Offer your stuff by posting a picture, a title, a short description and a price. Rummage around for offers around you and bargain for deals via private messages. AppStore Best of 2012

Imageloop, shoot and share.

Simply take a photo with your iPhone, choose an image filter and share your photo with friends and followers on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. With a cool design & innovative features, imageloop is sure to improve your mobile social experience!

LightboxHD, images juxtaposed.

LightboxHD is a unique iPad app for showcasing and comparing images. Its an extremely powerful comparison app for designers, creative artists, retouchers, cosmetic surgeons, photographers, art directors... for everyone who works with images.

Haufe, sales service information.

The unique combination of an online platform and iPhone app offers you valuable information to captivate your clients, any time and anywhere. You will have access to comprehensive information at your home PC and on the go with your iPhone.

Buxter, easiest way to transfer money.

Buxter is ClickandBuy's Facebook application. With Buxter Facebook users can easily transfer money to each other, as well as purchase items in Facebook apps quickly and conveniently.

Step by Step zur Rocking App.

Rocking Apps need one thing all above: Everything! And no less, we offer our customers. See here the various stages of the project and get an impression of the way we work.

Who we want to offer what? Who do we want to move?
How do we reach our strategic goals?
In what way do we carry the brand image?
What is the best user interface for our purpose?
What technology is the best to reach our goals?
How do we bring the app to the man / woman?
How do we keep the app always relevant and up to date?

We have entered into a strategic and operational partnership with the experts from contentteam and CloudAngels – our name: appgenco

Thanks to this close collaboration, we can offer our customers much more than "just" a splendid app. With Enterprise Content Management and Cloud Architecture we can mobilize your entire company.

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