Customer technology adoption
is rapidly progressing.

Traditional insurance processes & infrastructures don't serve this demand.

Number of years that were needed to reach 1 billion users

  • 22 yrs

  • 12 yrs

  • 9 yrs

  • 9 yrs

  • 7 yrs

What we do

Speedboat Projects

Iterative and lean realisation of digital products for insurers.

e.g. AachenMünchener Service App

Digital Products

Fast and agile development from idea to proof of concept.


Tech expertise as a service for Insurtech MVPs and products

Co-founding your InsurTech at seed stage

Spin-offs / Venturing

Creating ventures with insurers to tackle new business areas and technologies

Company building for insurance carriers / InsurTechs

How we do it

Native Apps

Developing native apps for iOS and Android

Backend Development

Building a robust, scalable, strong and secure backend

Artificial Intelligence

Custom AI solutions that make use of all available data for insights and smart actions


Custom Blockchain solutions for new kinds of decentralised products

Who we are

Marc Knaup

Native Apps

Lutz Grätz


Babak Ahmadi, PhD

Artificial Intelligence

Julian Hillebrand


+ an experienced team including developers, project managers and designers


Marc Knaup at 02/14/2018

Awesome Digital Insurance Projects, Ep. 1 — Betterview

Learn how Betterview leverages drones, AI and humans to improve property inspections and in turn insurance processes.

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Benjamin W. at 02/08/2018

Modern Customer Engagement: Messaging Apps

Messaging apps are everywhere: in the morning train to work, during the lunch break in the park or in the evening at the bars, restaurants…

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Julian Hillebrand at 01/27/2018

InsurTech-Blockchain Briefing #6: NexusMutual (incl. Interview)

NexusMutual calls itself a “peer-to-peer discretionary mutual entity on the Ethereum blockchain”. Read the interview with their founder…

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Lutz Grätz at 01/25/2018

App Economy Pushed New Boundaries

2017 was a monumental year for the app economy.

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Julian Hillebrand at 01/21/2018

The Best Articles to Start with Ethereum

Ethereum started to take the concepts behind Bitcoin a step further and to make it ready for more business use cases.

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Julian Hillebrand at 01/21/2018

InsurTech-Blockchain Briefing #5: fidentiaX (incl. Interview)

FidentiaX is in the developmental phase of creating the world’s first marketplace for tradable insurance policies. Read the interview…

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Babak Ahmadi at 01/19/2018

Allianz Global Artificial Intelligence Fund

Having seen the importance of artificial intelligence in the coming years and the growth and success of companies engaged in that field…

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Dennis Kiewning at 01/18/2018

Global app downloads topped 175 billion

A brief summary of the amount of app downloads in 2017 and a forecast for the upcoming year.

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Julian Hillebrand at 01/11/2018

Interview with Christof Mascher, COO Allianz Group

In the financial service industry, Blockchain could already gain a lot of traction. Why do people in the insurance industry need to pay…

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Dennis Kiewning at 01/04/2018

React Native - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A brief summary of the pros and cons of the Facebook solution for native app development and how it compares to already established…

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Lutz Grätz at 01/03/2018

Updated App Store Review Guidelines

Apple has announced that it is revising its App Store guidelines with a handful of notable changes. The latest version of the guidelines…

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Babak Ahmadi at 01/02/2018

10 uses of AI in your Everyday Life

We often hear that Artificial Intelligence is present in a lot of aspects of our daily lives. Is this true though? Not sure? Let’s…

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